Shadows, Echoes & Ripples of Life

Shadows, Echoes & Ripples of Life

The results are only shadows and echoes of our actions.
Counsels of the Great Yu

Every action has its own consequence. Whether you call it the law of cause and effect or whether you call it karma, the end result is the same; everything that you do, say or think has a consequence connected with it. There is literally nothing that you can do, say or think which doesn’t have some kind of affect on your life. At this point I imagine that you may be thinking to yourself something such as, “well, if I am sitting on my patio and I say something completely meaningless, it has no affect on anything at all.”

In regard to his speech,
the superior man is never careless in any respect.

Let’s examine that statement. It actually does have an affect; it can affect your emotions and/or your thought processes. Now, granted, the affect may be minimal, but nevertheless, there will be a consequence of some kind. The same thing goes for your thoughts. You may believe that your thoughts actually don’t have consequences, but on the contrary, every thought contains a certain energy, which at the very least has an effect on your emotions. Science has proven that your thoughts can in fact change your body chemistry, so in actuality, we don’t fully realize all of the consequences that our thoughts may have.

When we direct our thoughts properly,
we can control our emotions.
W. Clement Stone

Thoughts are forces.
Ralph Waldo Trine

This is true for all of your actions. There is no way to actually know for sure what the consequences of our actions really are. Some may be obvious, but others may be so far removed from the initial action that it is impossible to connect the result to the origin. What the warrior needs to stay focused on is that all of his actions are important. This is yet another reason that the person who is walking the path of the warrior strives for excellence in every area of his life. Everything matters on the path of warriorship.

Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds
can change the outer aspects of their lives.
William James

Warrior Wisdom

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