Kajukenbo – Training the Warrior Way

Is the point of martial arts training to learn everything about your particular style of martial art or is it to provide you with the best skills possible to survive an encounter, whatever those skills may be? There are different many different goals associated with martial arts training, but for the warrior the goal is to hone his survival skills and to keep them as sharp as possible. He is concerned with obtaining the skills necessary to survive a violent encounter. The warrior is not as interested in the “art” aspect of the martial arts, as he is the down and dirty techniques which he can add to his arsenal. This isn’t to say that he may not be interested in the “art” aspect, but first and foremost, he knows he has to have the skills he needs to perform his duty as a warrior when the time comes.

This is where Kajukenbo comes into play. Kajukenbo was developed by five martial artists in the 1940’s as a perfect martial arts system for survival in any streetfight situation. It is a highly effective combat system which derives its name from the first letters of the different style which it comes from. Kajukenbo is derived from karate, judo/jujiotsu, kenpo, and Chinese boxing/kung fu. Basically, it took the best, most useful parts of these arts and combined them into what many call “the perfected art of dirty street fighting.” This term though is not really accurate. There is no such thing as dirty street fighting. Street fighting is street fighting…anything goes in a real life-or-death street fight. There is no such thing as a fair fight; there is only survival.

The first law of war is to preserve ourselves and destroy the enemy.
Mao Tse-Tung

The philosophy of Kajukenpo is tow part: to survive in a real street fight situtation, and to take whatever is useful from any martial art and make it your own. This martial art combines the best, most useful of all the arts…the parts which really work when you need them to. Kajukenpo combines these techniques with the knowledge of vital striking targets, how to attack these targets with concentrated power, and the proper mental attitude needed to survive a street fight. With Kajukenbo, whatever techniques work and keep you safe, are an acceptable part of the art. There is no debating over whether this or that technique is part of Kajukenbo; if it works, it is assimilated. This is what the warrior needs instead of an art which requires that you have to learn all its techniques, whether they are useful or not.

In a street fight or a life-or-death situation, the warrior should take the fighter’s axiom to heart: “Take the opponent out, and go home.” The warrior’s objective in a street fight is to survive, to protect those who need his protection, and to destroy his enemy to the point that they can no longer harm the warrior or those around him. In a street fight, anything goes; there is no such thing as a fair fight. You do what it takes to win, and use what you have to use to get the job done. Strike hard and fast and end the threat as soon as possible.

Focus on your one purpose.
Japanese Maxim

Don’t underestimate your opponent in the street. Many thugs street fight on a weekly basis and are experts at their trade. Remember, they will not play by any rules except to beat you. You better play the same way. Use surprise to your advantage. Target the most vulnerable targets first and get this thing over with fast. Go for the eyes, the throat, the joints, the groin; break bones and take out the knees. This sounds brutal, but street fighting is brutal. If it is not serious enough to target these spots, then you have no business fighting. Either it is deadly serious and you have no other choice, or you should find another way to deal with the problem.

In cases of defense tis best to weigh the enemy more mighty than he seems.

He is victorious who knows when and when not to fight.
Sun Tzu

Kajukenbo uses what works in the street. It is made for real life situations, not for sparring and points. This is a martial art for the real warrior, not the sports enthusiasts. If you want to learn the art of survival, check this art out for yourself. Use what works and keep yourself and those who depend on you safe. And, as always, train with deadly seriousness.

Bohdi Sanders
The Wisdom Warrior


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