Training is Essential ~

Training is Essential

Training is an essential part of being a warrior. You have to keep your skills sharp. As the old saying goes, even in the sheath, the knife still has to be sharp and be ready to be used when needed. It is very easy in today’s society it allow other things to interfere with your training. Everyone is too busy and stressed. This is another thing which sets the warrior apart from everyone else; he refuses to allow “things” to constantly stop him from training. He knows how important it is for him to keep his skills sharp. He knows that if he doesn’t, one day it may cost him dearly.

Remember, someone else out there is training on the days that you just don’t feel like training. The thugs are busily braining storming ways to rob you, or worse. Can you really afford to disregard your training or only train when you are in the mood to train? Always remember that no matter how far up the river you paddle, when you quit paddling, you will go back down the river, and you will go back much faster than than you moved forward. It is easy to take a day, a week, a month off from your training, and just relax and gradually float back down the river. Stay motivated and continue to move forward. Keep you knife sharp so it is ready to use when you need it.

Bohdi Sanders
The Wisdom Warrior


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