Honor is Sacred

Honor is Sacred

Honor was sacred to the Native American warrior, and honor is sacred to the “real” warrior today. The warrior takes his code of ethics and his character very seriously. If he owes someone a debt, he pays it. If he gives his word, he keeps it. When he sees someone in need of help, he helps. When he knows what is right to do, he acts. All of these things are part of his duty, and he takes his duty very seriously.

Honor is sacred.
Native American Maxim

The average person today looks out for his own interest. That is the major factor in the majority of his decisions. The warrior looks at what is right according to his code of ethics. That is the deciding factor for the warrior. The average person today may witness someone getting mugged on the street and decide not to get involved because it is too dangerous. The warrior, being in the same position, does not have the luxury of that decision. He is honor bound to help this victim if it is within his power.

Many times it is hard to live by this code of honor, but the serious warrior does it anyway because he knows it is his duty, as a warrior and as a man. His dedication to his code of honor is one of the main things that sets the character of the warrior apart from the average man. Honor is not something that you put on and take off as it is convenient for you. Honor is sacred.

From Warrior Wisdom: Ageless Wisdom for the Modern Warrior
Bohdi Sanders, PhD

The Wisdom Warrior

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