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Warriors Fight Fire With Fire!

Warriors Fight Fire With Fire!

God gave his arch angels weapons because even at the beginning, He knew that you don’t fight evil with tolerance and understanding. I have seen so many “keyboard warriors” on Facebook makes comments about how anyone who carries a gun or a knife is a pansy. They say that real warriors would never carry a […]

Warriors Travel the Path of Integrity

Travel the path of integrity without looking back, for there is never a wrong time to do the right thing. There is never a wrong time to do the right thing, and there is never a right time to do the wrong thing. Men and women of honor travel the path of integrity without worrying […]

Dangerous Warrior/Martial Arts Skills

What I do have are a particular set of skills, skills I have developed over a very long career, skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.   Really proficient warriors have a very dangerous, very specific set of skills, that do indeed make us very dangerous for people who give us no […]

Why Do Warriors Train So Hard? by Bohdi Sanders, Ph.D.

Why Do Warriors Train So Hard? by Bohdi Sanders, Ph.D. Many in the general public see the warrior as a brute that loves violence and fighting. They get the wrong impression from movies and those who claim to be warriors, but in actuality misunderstand the concept of warriorhood. They see so-called warriors in movies indiscriminately […]

Ignore Your Critics and Keep Moving Towards Success

For it is easy to criticize and break down the spirit of others, but to know yourself may take a lifetime. Bruce Lee It is easy for those who do nothing to criticize those who are actively working to create something or working to do something with their life. These critics are usually those who […]

The Way of the Warrior – Knowing Right and Wrong

As long as it is realized and accepted that warriors must comprehend right from wrong, and strive to do right and avoid wrong, then the way of the warrior is alive. Taira Shigesuke   Notice that Taira Shigesuke did not say as long as it is accepted that warriors are only those who go to […]

What it Takes to be a True Warrior

What it Takes to be a True Warrior

What it Takes to be a True Warrior Warriors are not what you think of as warriors. The warrior is not someone who fights. Chief Sitting Bull There are a group of so-called “experts” (self-proclaimed experts I might add) in the world of martial arts/self-defense who constantly opine that being a warrior is nothing more […]

The Warrior Must Mold His Life

The Warrior Must Mold His Life

Stop waiting for things to happen; go out and make them happen!   The Universe does not work like some socialist utopia where everyone is given everything equally. The things that you want are not going to just magically show up at your door simply because you desire them. You have to get up, take […]

A Warrior’s Creed

A Warrior’s Creed   I have no parents – I make Heaven and Earth my parents. I have no home – I make awareness my home. I have no life or death – I make the tides of breathing life and death. I have no divine power – I make honesty my divine power. I […]

The Warrior – How True Warriors Are Different

The Warrior – How True Warriors Are Different

Warriors do not lower themselves to the standards of other people; they live independently, according to their own standards and code of honor. Hanshi Bohdi Sanders   To all of the warriors who refuse to lower their standards to those of other people, who live independently according to their own code of honor, I salute […]

The Path of the Warrior and The Warrior Lifestyle

The path of the warrior is lifelong, and mastery is often simply staying on the path. Richard Strozzi Heckler   The warrior lifestyle is a journey, not a destination. It is a lifelong approach to living your life, day by day, by the standards and code of ethics that you have set for yourself. To […]